Membership Fees

Registration for the 2017 state competition

Teams will pay membership fee to the State organization, they must be paid in full before rule manuals can be sent out.

The membership fee scale follows:

$200 First team per school per division (up to 15 students)
$100 Second team per school per division (up to 15 students)
$60 First year competing in Utah Science Olympiad or have not competed in the last 5 years


Registration Fees include:
  • 1 team membership
  • 1 Science Olympiad rules manual for appropriate division (B or C)
  • Commemorative pin for participants and coaches
  • Admittance into regional, State and National tournaments *
  • This item is non-refundable
  • Science Olympiad is a non-profit, public charity organization. The team registration fee contributes to the growth and sustainability of the Science Olympiad program and supports ongoing program development. Fees are not used to pay salaries.

* Only one team per school per division will be allowed to move onto the State tournament with the opportunity to advance to Nationals.

No other fees will have to be paid if a team qualifies for the Science Olympiad National Tournament.

Teams will prioritize which of the regionals, they would like to attend.

If your team is unable to pay these fees, please contact us to inquire about a fee waiver.

Fill out the following form and hit submit, then click the link below to pay your fees. Your registration will NOT be complete until this form is filled out and fees are paid.


Enter uNID as 8 digits with leading zeros (e.g., 00123456). Please check for accuracy.
(undergraduate capstone project or graduate thesis/dissertation)
Please provide rationale for your request of assistance from the Magdiel Student Fund

The next four questions deal with the semester funds are being requested


Pay Here

If you would like to pay by check, please make checks out to the University of Utah.


Checks should then be mailed to:

Utah Science Olympiad
72 Central Campus Drive, Rm 1650
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112